Simmer Sauces

Our Simmer Sauces make Indian cooking ridiculously easy, and in 20 minutes or less you can prepare a delicious dish for 4. The sauces are all natural and astonishingly good, with fresh home-made taste that will leave you licking your plate clean.

Choose from four delicious flavors, each made in small batches and lovingly simmered for hours with our blends of premium spices:
Tikka Masala
Goa Coconut Curry
Chickpea Curry (Chana Masala)
Flat rate shipping: $7.50 for up to 4 sauces, $15 for up to 8 sauces.

Spice Kits

If you enjoy the experience of cooking and the aromas of exotic spices wafting through your kitchen, try our spice kits.  They eliminate all the guesswork in Indian cooking while leaving in the rich, complex tastes of authentic Indian food.

Each spice kit is hand-crafted for a specific dish based on a traditional Indian recipe, and includes 2 or 3 sachets with Indian spice blends (pre-measured for convenience), a step-by-step recipe, and a shopping list of fresh ingredients. Just follow the recipe and you cannot go wrong.  With 9 spice kits to choose from, you will never lack for variety in your meals.
Flat rate shipping: $3.50 for up to 2 spice kits, $5 for up to 5 kits.

Spice Blends

To make amazing food, start with amazing spices. Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cuisine. Knowing when to cook them whole, when to flash fry or roast them to release their aroma, and when to grind them to unleash their power is an art thousands of years in the making.

We offer three proprietary blends that are hand-crafted and tested by Masala Mama herself:
Tandoori Masala
Garam Masala
Magic Curry Powder

You can cook, grill, roast or pan fry with them, or even sprinkle them on salad or popcorn for an unusual taste adventure!

Gifts and Accessories

Know someone who loves food? Want to make their day? Give them the perfect gift--a gourmet gift pack or an accessory with the Masala Mama logo, sure to bring a smile to their face.