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Tikka pizza.jpg

tikka masala recipes

Our creamy, luscious Tikka Masala sauce is for more than just classic Indian dishes. Make naan pizza, tacos, shakshuka and more! Recipes below.

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vindaloo recipes

Our intense and flavorful Vindaloo sauce is amazing with Vindaloo dishes, but it also is a base for a surprising variety of everyday foods, including tacos and sloppy joes. Recipes below. (V = Vegan)

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coconut curry recipes

The subtlest of our sauces, Coconut Curry works magically with vegetables, tofu or seafood, and is a great vegan option. Make Zanzibar curry, shrimp coconut curry or mixed vegetable curry. Recipes below. (V = Vegan)

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Here are some easy recipes for dishes such as Raita and Pulao to accompany the delicious food you make with Masala Mama sauces. Recipes below. (V = Vegan)