Q. Mama, what's a "spice kit"?

A. It's a set of spice sachets, each with a pre-measured quantity of spice blends that you add to the dish while cooking it.  It takes all the guesswork out of cooking.  All you do is buy fresh ingredients and follow Mama's recipe, adding the spices at the right time, to make a delicious, authentic dish every time.

Q.  How is it different from the other "curry mixes" that you can buy?

A. Puh-lease!  In authentic Indian cooking, you don't throw in all the spices together--you add them at different stages of the cooking process, making for a much more complex and subtle taste.  My spice kits replicate that process but make it dead easy by doing all the spice prep work (roasting, grinding, measuring) for you.  Plus, Mama's spices are 100% organic and authentic because she imports them from India.

Q. How many spices are in each kit?

A. It varies depending on the dish.  Each kit has 2 to 3 spice sachets, and between them they can have anything from 11 to 19 spices.

Q.  But why would I want to use a spice kit and not just buy the spices individually?

A.  My dear, many of the spices you won't even find in your local supermarket (when was the last time you found crushed pomegranate seeds there?).  And when you do find them, you've no idea how long they've been sitting therePlus, you only need a small amount for each dish, so now you'll have a ton of unused spices sitting in your kitchen cabinet, sloowwwly going stale.  Not so good.

Q.  Are you serious??  Spices go stale?

A.  Darling, a spice is like love--it starts out all fresh and heady and romantic, and then it's all downhill from there!  Spices start losing their freshness immediately after you open the packet.  Within a few days the aroma starts fading, within a few weeks the food starts tasting like cardboard, and before you know it your loved one will be saying, "Honey, don't cook tonight, let's just get pizza".  With Indian food, fresh spices are essential to getting the taste right.  Mama's spice blends have been extensively tested to get just the right balance of tastes and are fresh as the day they were packed.