Vindaloo All Natural Simmer Sauce

Vindaloo All Natural Simmer Sauce


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This Portuguese-influenced sauce from Goa combines “vin” (vinegar) and “alhos” (garlic) with aromatic spices to result in a robust, mouth-wateringly spicy dish.

Sear 1½ lbs of cubed boneless chicken thighs or sweet potatoes in 2 tbsp oil. Add the sauce. Use ¼ cup chicken stock or water to rinse out any sauce remaining in the jar and add. Simmer till cooked through. Taste for salt, and enjoy hot with crusty bread or rice. Serves 4.

TIP: Also great with pork, beef, lamb, shrimp, and vegetables.

No artificial ingredients
No preservatives

Make delicious Indian food anytime with Masala Mama All Natural Indian Simmer Sauces. Our simmer sauces are made homestyle, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, lovingly produced in small batches, simmered for hours and seasoned with our blends of premium spices.

Just follow the directions on the jar and prepare an exceptional dinner for four in 20 minutes or less--no mess, no measuring spices, no fuss.

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