There’s nothing shy about this delectable Parsi dish!  Succulent shrimp are sautéed in a full-bodied spicy, tangy onion-tomato sauce. My husband’s favorite dish, it’s typically accompanied by rice and lentils, and the combination is called “dhan, dar, patia”.  You can substitute tofu, vegetables and even hard boiled eggs for the shrimp and it's just as good. I've also made my version of "Uova in purgatorio" with this sauce and despite the name, it is simply divine!

For use with Shrimp Patia Organic Spice Kit. Click on the links below to download the recipes.

Shrimp Patia
Patia with Tofu or Eggplant & Peppers
Patia with Hard Boiled Eggs
Uova in Patia Purgatorio