Pots, pans and accessories

You don’t need fancy pots and pans to make delicious food.  In India in most of the kitchens they use very basic aluminum, cast iron or brass pots for cooking and sometimes they cook in seasoned earthenware pots.  I personally prefer heavy-bottomed nonstick, enamel or seasoned cast iron pots as they require less oil and less stirring.

Pot Sizes
Skillet sizes: I recommend 12" for Large, 10" for Medium, and 8" for Small.
Saucepan sizes: I recommend 1 qt, 2 qt and 4 qt saucepans.

Apart from my amazing tomato peeler with serrated edges (see Ingredients), I find what I call my "magic spatch" very useful.  You get these spatulas that you can use to cook with, and I find it a great help while cooking onion-garlic pastes.  The other thing I love in my kitchen is a Microplane.  It’s a miracle grater and it’s brilliant for grating ginger.

For Indian food prep I use a wet-dry grinder a lot.  It’s like a small coffee grinder but you can add water to it and it goes into the dishwasher!