Super easy

Just made this Masala Dal for my friends. Super easy to make and so so good. Everyone wanted to know how I did it!

Connie Sargent (Brooklyn, NY)


Excited to share the delicious Masala Dal I made using Masala Mama's spices!! Recipe was very easy to follow and my boyfriend was impressed!!!

Ashley Noel Pfohl (San Diego, CA)

Go international!

I really hope your Masala Mama spice kits will go international too. When Miriam and I used the kit it really felt a bit like being back with you in New York. It's a great and easy way to make authentic Indian food at home.

Luc Daamen (Den Bosch, Holland)


Your recipes are yummy. The spices blend makes me look good, like a real cook!

Elizabeth Wong (Los Angeles, CA)

These are foolproof kits!

These are foolproof kits that make it actually easy (seriously) to make really delicious Indian food without fussing over 10,000 spices and proportions. The decisions have already been made for you, and for me, that's a good thing. Coconut curry rocks!

CG (Brooklyn, NY)

Standing Ovation

As a certified non-cook* I'd like to say here that I earned a standing ovation for the PORK VINDALOO made from Masala Mama's spice kit. It was judged by my brother-in-law in the US, someone who loves spicy food to the exclusion of everything else and whose wife (i.e., my doctor sister) makes great South Indian food. Even one year later, he keeps asking hopefully for more of those "interesting spice kits"!

It was the combination of tasty AND spicy that made it very special. I didn't do anything aside from follow the recipe -- because that's all that we non-cooks can do: we cannot guess what will be better or worse or adjust flavors to suit the situation at hand. So I followed it blindly and the result was seriously yummy.

*Michelin, for instance, would award me a :( :( :( -three frownies--for total incompetence in the kitchen.

Manjula Padmanabhan (Newport, RI)

Best Indian food in NYC

Better than any Indian food I have eaten in New York City! Masala Mama spice kits have introduced me to new entrees and sides that I have come to love and have taught me how to cook old favorites.

Gail Heidel (Brooklyn, NY)


I was very skeptical about cooking with sachets but I can honestly say that I was amazed at how delicious the meals were and so were the friends I served it to.  The herbs and spices really came through, it was so easy to prepare and the flavours felt authentic and refreshingly different.

Eryl Holt (Winchester, UK)

Easy Traditional Goan Curry

Having grown up in India and with many Goan friends I was excited to replicate a Goan recipe. This was great. It tasted very authentic and it is an easy way to make a delicious traditional dish. The package presentation was attractive, the recipe was easy to read and follow. The spices were fresh and fragrant. (I added more chili to our taste.) Will definitely order it again.

Nilou Tarnower (Brooklyn, NY)

Easy and delicious

I received a sample of this kit recently and thought I'd give it a try. I am NOT a confident cook, so I need to keep things simple. The recipe is quite straightforward, easy, and doesn't require a lot of fuss. The results were super delicious! I am very pleased with this discovery.

Daisy's Mom (Brooklyn, NY)


This Masala Dal dish was incredible! The spices are fresh and complex. I made this for a friend who recently returned from a vacation to India and she said it smelled and tasted exactly like the incredible food she ate on her trip. I love that the kits contain spices from India that you would not find in your ordinary market, and that you don't have to spend tons of money buying larger bottles of spices that have a short shelf life. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Makes an impressive dish! I will be ordering more for sure.

Mary Simpson (Brooklyn, NY)

Loved the masala kits I bought...

Loved the masala kits I bought - just the right blend of whole and ground spices . the ground chicken I made was a hit !

Rita Yadava (Chicago, IL)

Five Stars

Fantastic spice kit. Tastes better than any masala I've made with individual spices.

Shonagh (Brooklyn, NY)

Great dinner!

Loved my Masala Mama. So easy and great flavors. It also looks like all of the ingredients are natural- I can recognize just about everything. I will definitely buy more of these.

Tessa Murray (New York, NY)

Helpful Kit for a Great Meal

This foolproof spice kit helped me create a delicious and nutritious meal. I really appreciated how Masala Mama writes her recipes; they are systematic and easy to follow.

Arpita Bose (Brooklyn, NY)